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Restore your pride and joy with our classic car restorations

Britain certainly has no shortage of classic cars. From the Aston Martin DBS to the Triumph Spitfire, classic cars are visible across the whole UK thanks to our long manufacturing heritage. However, if a classic car is worn or damaged, it can be incredibly problematic. If a classic car becomes damaged through a collision or any other kind of accident, they can be difficult to have repaired as many garages may not be equipped to deal with them. Likewise, some classic cars may fall victim to time, becoming worn over the years and suffering from issues including rust. When your classic car is suffering, our team can help. We provide professional vehicle servicing in Addington and beyond, and we can lend our services to you in regards to classic car repairs and restoration.

We pride ourselves on giving our customers a service that is simply unbeatable. If your classic car looks like it has seen better days, we will do all that we can to restore its look. With four main dealer trained technicians, you can be assured that we can help you with all matters in regards to your classic car. Regardless of the make and model of your car, we will do all that we can to perform a complete and thorough restoration, preserving its unique character while bringing it up to date for modern driving. From engine rebuilds and mechanical repairs to paint work and bodywork, we do it all for very competitive prices.

Our work is supported by technicians who are trained with main dealers, meaning that they can carry out practically any work required to the highest possible quality. We work on most makes and models of cars to deliver a service that you can rely on. It’s our technicians’ experience and the modern equipment that allows us to fix and diagnose problems quickly and effectively, providing you with a service like no other. Whether you want a full restoration or general vehicle servicing in Addington to help you pass your MOT, we can offer the solutions you need for a price you can afford.