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Protect your vehicle with periodic servicing

It is important to have your vehicle serviced every 12 months or every 12,000 miles in order to maintain its condition and keep it running safely. Vehicle servicing is as important as an MOT, as it can identify any faults and underlying problems. This ensures safe operation of your vehicle and avoidance of expensive repairs further down the line. We are a professional and reputable garage and we can provide high quality vehicle servicing in Sevenoaks and surrounding regions. We offer complete vehicle maintenance, along with MOTs and a range of specialised services.

When faults are undiscovered and left untreated, they can escalate and lead to unforeseen costs and inconvenience. We can ensure that any issues are discovered and swiftly dealt with. Furthermore, every driver can be sure that bringing their car in for a service will not invalidate their manufacturer’s warranty.

As a driver, it is important to have a reliable garage on hand to tackle any problems that may occur as well as maintain the upkeep of your vehicle. We use only authentic parts and original equipment for each vehicle, and our team of proficient and experienced mechanics that carry out the highest standard of work. You can feel sure that your vehicles are in the finest possible hands when you come to us.

We offer affordable prices, and by using our services instead of visiting your main dealership you will benefit from additional savings. Our service is friendly at all times and we provide a comfortable and welcoming waiting area, going out of our way to offer a swift and efficient service and minimise any inconvenience or disruption.

The service of your vehicle covers a wide range of features to offer you full safety and protection. Servicing differs from vehicle to vehicle but checks of fluid levels, oil and filter changes and inspection of visual and safety features such as mirrors and seat belts are included as standard. If you need cost-efficient vehicle servicing in Sevenoaks we offer a comprehensive and dependable service.