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The Best Way To Look After Your Gearbox

How to look after gearboxes
You yourself can have an impact on the service life of your gearbox by means of a careful driving style, good lubrication, and good tempering.

The quality of the oil. Oil servicing is very important with regard to function and durability. Just how the oil affects the gearbox will depend on whether it is manual or automatic.
The temperature of the oil.Oil cooling oil servicing and its ability to conduct heat away from friction surfaces primarily affects the service life of automatic boxes. In an automatic gearbox, the oil wears out more quickly if it has to work in high temperatures and driving style greatly affects the service life of a gearbox. Driving fiercely, heavy loads, and frequent starting/stopping are examples of things that affect the durability of a gearbox. Read these tips about how to enhance the service life of your gearbox.

Gearboxes that run an extra high risk of breaking down

In some situations, gearboxes have to deal with extra heavy loads. If you recognize one of the following situations, we recommend that you take steps to prolong the service life of your gearbox.

Cars with automatic gearboxes pulling trailers (e.g. caravans or horse boxes) or heavy loads. Bear in mind that one substantial overload is enough to “burn” the gearbox. The most common scenario, however, is mild but repeated overheating.

Vehicles with automatic gearboxes which do a lot of driving where there is frequent starting and stopping, e.g. newspaper delivery vans, taxis in urban environments, or frequent driving in heavy urban traffic.

Cars with automatic gearboxes which are often driven in mountainous areas.