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Simple steps can prepare your car for its MOT

When your car is due for its MOT, it is natural to be concerned about potential problems and costs. The truth is that many MOT failures can be avoided by taking steps to adequately prepare your vehicle. By doing everything you can to take care of your car all year round as well as the few weeks before your test, you can save time, frustration and money. When your car successfully passes its MOT, you can also relax with the knowledge that it is safe and roadworthy for another 12 months.

The test is designed to highlight any existing conditions and the need for repairs. Like any other machine, our cars give us warning signals when something is wrong. As tempting as it can be to ignore these signs due to busy schedules, it is advisable to address any fault when it presents itself as this could save you considerable expense in the future. The warning light or other small issue that is ignored can lead to a car instantly failing its MOT.

Statistics show that one in five cars fails its MOT due to lightbulbs that do not work correctly. Simple problems such as faulty bulbs can easily be rectified before the test and they do not have to result in test failure. Regular servicing is essential for any vehicle and should be carried out every 12 months. Not only does servicing keep your car in great condition, it reduces the chance of problems at your next scheduled MOT.

If your vehicle is three years old or over it requires an annual MOT test. As a team of qualified and experienced technicians we provide professional and proficient MOT testing and vehicle servicing for Sevenoaks clients. We help our customers keep their cars in the best possible condition giving them the peace of mind they need. We can service your vehicle on the same day enabling you to make valuable savings and you can be sure of receiving the best service possible.