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Do you know what each light on your dashboard means?

The fact that vehicles will now fail their MOT if there is a warning light illuminated on the dashboard when it goes for the test has caused problems for motorists. It has even sent many drivers into a panic and resulted in them calling garages and breakdown recovery providers to explain what various lights actually mean. The AA claims to receive approximately 17,000 calls each month about this issue.

The problem arises from the fact that many modern vehicles have twice the number of lights that older ones do. If vehicle owners don’t check their owner’s handbook, they can easily get confused about what they mean and struggle to understand how to fix the problem. Some of the issues can be resolved at home without going to a garage but people can’t know this if they don’t understand what the symbols mean.

As a response to the issue, the AA is launching an app to help people improve their knowledge and identify what various symbols mean. The Telegraph has also put a quiz on their website to help people test themselves. Naturally checking your owner’s manual should be your first point of reference when you try to learn what all of the lights mean but these other resources are good too.

As well as the symbols people should also be aware of the meaning behind the colour of the lights. Red means there is a potentially serious problem with the vehicle and you need to stop driving as soon as it is safe to do so. Amber and yellow lights are warnings of issues but you can continue to drive with them. With either one, you should consult a garage as soon as possible for a service or repair.

At Swanley MOT Centre we provide vehicle servicing in Addington for a wide array of different vehicles. As part of the service we will check dashboard lights and conduct detailed checks to determine what is causing the problem. This will help us to determine how much it will cost to resolve the problem and ensure the light is turned off. We advise clients to get their vehicle checked and possibly serviced before an MOT if they have lights illuminated on the dash.