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Possible changes to MOT requirements

As all drivers know, it is currently a legal requirement to have your car, van or other vehicle undergo the MOT test every three years to ensure that it is roadworthy and in safe condition. However, it has been in the news recently that the government have proposed changing the law so that cars would legally only have to be tested every four years.

It has been suggested that this would save vehicle owners many millions of pounds, but many experts have concerns that the move would have detrimental effects on the safety of our roads as problems may go undetected for longer, increasing the risk of accidents. If this plan goes ahead, it will become more important than ever before to have your car serviced on a regular basis and ensure that it remains in good condition in between MOTs.

We provide thorough, professional vehicle servicing in Sevenoaks, Addington and throughout all surrounding areas, enabling you to keep your car in top condition no matter what make, model or age it is. Servicing will enable us to catch any problems early before they develop into potentially dangerous or expensive issues, preserving your safety and saving you money further down the line. We know that one of the biggest safety concerns for drivers is that their tyres are in good condition and the treads are not worn down past acceptable limits; we can deal with this for you and also ensure that wheels are correctly aligned so you have total control over your car while you’re out on the road.

Besides repairs and servicing, we can also carry out MOTs, so when you’re due for testing or want to get your car serviced, we are the team you can always rely on for excellent service. Whether the proposed changes to MOT laws go ahead or not, we will always be on hand to provide a complete service to our clients and take excellent care of their cars, vans, minibuses and other vehicles.