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Car care and repair for winter weather

With 2014 coming to a close, we are wishing for a peaceful and safe 2015 for all motorists in the UK. With the challenges posed by the weather and road conditions at this time of year, some extra precautions may be needed on the road. Drivers know that when they come to us for vehicle servicing in Sevenoaks, they are in the best position possible to be travelling safely.

The conditions for the first three months of a new year in the UK are often exceptionally challenging. Even if we are lucky enough to escape with little or no snow, the roads are generally slippery and icy in the colder conditions, with black ice in particular being a great danger. Away from those conditions, strong winds, heavy rainfall and flooding are always a threat to our safety on the roads.

Whilst cars are designed and built to stand up to strong weather conditions such as these, it’s up to the car owners to ensure the vehicles are maintained in a way that allows them to do this. Small problems which might not be more than an inconvenience during perfect driving conditions can prove to be disastrous during winter.

We are committed to helping you get your car in the best position possible for use in adverse conditions. As part of our standard vehicle services we can perform the following:

  • Wheel alignment and balancing checks
  • Tyre tread and strength check
  • Brake pads and brake fluid check
  • Gearbox services and handbrake testing
  • Battery testing and electrical wiring repair

All of these are factors which may seem minor in isolation, but when combined, they can allow your car to run at the optimal level required to face harsh driving conditions.

As the most trusted and reputable car repair and MOT centre in the region, you always have the assurance of knowing that only genuine, original manufacturer parts (OEM) products are used in cases of repair and replacement. This is backed by our comprehensive 12 month warranty on parts and labour, giving you the peace of mind you want that nothing less than the best work available is being carried out on your behalf.

We take safety on the road very seriously, and ensure that we help make sure it is in place with our world class car repair work and vehicle servicing in Sevenoaks and Addington.