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Protect your car with regular servicing

Many drivers often express real concern when they wish to have their vehicle serviced. There appears to be a worry that a service will have a negative impact on an existing warranty but we wish to assure everyone that the year 2003 brought with it the introduction of the Block Exemption Regulation. This effectively forbids organisations in some business arenas to create competition. It is particularly prevalent within the industry of automobiles and since its introduction the industry has dramatically altered. The fantastic result is that any vehicle owner can submit their vehicle for a full service and not invalidate their manufacturer’s warranty.

Swanley provide a full range of services, and we only use standard original equipment or authentic parts for every single vehicle. The fact is there is no way to stress the importance of a full service. Our cars are undoubtedly important to us but we must treat them to a thorough once over every now and then. It is recommended that a vehicle receives its service once every 12 months or every 12,000 miles and we are the garage that can deliver comprehensive vehicle servicing Addington drivers can put their complete faith in. Not only do we offer the finest mechanics and standards of work but you can also conserve your hard earned cash and valuable time by using our services rather than visiting your main dealership. Our prices are attractive and affordable and can save you as much as 65%.

We offer friendly and dependable service at all times and our many pleased and thoroughly satisfied customers attest to our high standards. Our professional vehicle servicing in Addington goes a long way to offering you full safety and protection as well as avoiding potential costly repairs. Vehicle servicing can highlight any pre-existing conditions and faults that have so far been reluctant to make their presence known. It makes sure all your safety and visual features are up to scratch such as seat belts and mirrors. Full fluid level checks and oil and filter changes are included as standard along with many more.

We are a dedicated group of experts that commit every day to ensuring your safety and the longevity of your vehicle. The motor industry is our world and we work hard at all times to ensure every driver and vehicle is fully protected.